Benjamin H. Kennedy


Artist Birtday : 06/11/1804 (Age 218)
Born In : Birmingham, United Kingdom
Occupation(s) : English scholar and schoolmaster

Benjamin Hall Kennedy was an English scholar and schoolmaster, known for his work in the teaching of the Latin language. He was an active supporter of Newnham College and Girton College as Cambridge University colleges for women.

He was born at Summer Hill, near Birmingham, the eldest son of Rann Kennedy (1772–1851), of a branch of the Ayrshire family which had settled in Staffordshire. Rann was a scholar and man of letters, several of whose sons rose to distinction. Benjamin was educated at Shrewsbury School, and St John’s College, Cambridge.[1] He took frequent part in Cambridge Union debates and became president in 1825. In 1824 he was elected a member of the Cambridge Conversazione Society, better known as the Cambridge Apostles, and was a winner of a Browne medal. He was elected Fellow and lecturer in Classics at St John’s College in 1828 and took Holy Orders the following year. In 1830, he became an assistant master at Harrow.[2]