Song Dwelling-Place O Lord I Love
Album With Joyful Lips
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Dwelling-Place O Lord I Love
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Thy Dwelling-Place, O Lord, I Love;
It Is Thy Church So Blessed,
It Is Thy Joy And Heart’s Delight
And Where Thy Heart Finds Rest.

For Her, Thyself Thou Gravest, Lord,
That She Be Thine, Complete;
For Her, I Too My Body Give,
Thy Heart’s Desire To Meet.

For Her, Thou Hast Become My Life,
That She My Living Be;
For Her, I Would Forsake Myself,
That She Be Filled With Thee.

The Church Is Thy Beloved Bride,
Thou In Thy Body Seen;
She Is My Joy And Heart’s Desire,
The One On Whom I Lean.

In Her, Thy Full Supply, O Lord,
Thou Dost To Me Impart;
In Her Am I Possessed By Thee
To Satisfy Thy Heart.

Thy Dwelling-Place, O Lord, I Love;
It Is Thy Church, Thy Home;
In It I Would Forever Live
And Never Longer Roam.

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