Song   Mercy And Judgment Are My Song
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter M
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Mercy And Judgment Are My Song
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Mercy And Judgment Are My Song;
And Since They Both To Thee Belong,
My Gracious God, My Righteous King,
To Thee My Songs And Vows I Bring.

If I Am Raised To Bear The Sword,
I’ll Take My Counsels From Thy Word;
Thy Justice And Thy Heavenly Grace
Shall Be The Pattern Of My Ways.

Let Wisdom All My Actions Guide
And Let My God With Me Reside;
No Wicked Thing Shall Dwell With Me
Which May Provoke Thy Jealousy.

No Sons Of Slander, Rage, And Strife
Shall Be Companions Of My Life;
The Haughty Look, The Heart Of Pride,
Within My Doors Shall Ne’er Abide.

I’ll Search The Land, And Raise The Just
To Posts Of Honor, Wealth, And Trust;
The Men That Work Thy Holy Will
Shall Be My Friends And Favorites Still.

In Vain Shall Sinners Hope To Rise
By Flattering Or Malicious Lies;
And While The Innocent I Guard,
The Bold Offender Shan’t Be Spared.

The Impious Crew, That Factious Band,
Shall Hide Their Heads Or Quit The Land;
And All That Break The Public Rest,
Where I Have Power, Shall Be Suppressed.

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