Song Here I Am, Once Again
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-05)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Craig Musseau
Publisher / Copyrights Mercy /Vineyard Publishing / Vineyard Songs Canada
Key G
Tags Here I Am, Once Again,Every Cry, You Are Listening,As I Feel Your Touch
Theme(s) Worship, Love & Adoration, God’s Love & Faithfulness, Commitment
Scripture Reference(s) Psalms 34 : 17, Psalms 69 : 33
CCLI Song No 1346975

Here I Am, Once Again
I Pour Out My Heart For I Know That You Hear
Every Cry, You Are Listening
No Matter What State My Heart Is In

You Are Faithful To Answer
With Words That Are True And A Hope That Is Real
As I Feel Your Touch
You Bring A Freedom To All That’s Within

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