Song Praise The Lord Sing
Album With Joyful Lips – C
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Praise The Lord, Sing Hallelujah,
From The Heavens Praise God’s Name!
Praise The Lord, Our Great Creator;
All You Angels, Praise Proclaim.
All You Hosts, Together Praising,
Sun And Moon And Stars On High.
Praise The Lord, O Heaven’s Of Heavens,
And The Floods Above The Sky.

God, We Praise You, Hallelujah,
For Your Name Alone Is High.
And Your Glory Is Exalted,
And Your Glory Is Exalted,
And Your Glory Is Exalted,
Far Above The Earth And Sky!

Let Them Praise The Lord Creator;
They Were Made At God’s Command,
Who Established Them Forever,
Whose Decree Shall Ever Stand.
From The Earth, O Praise Your Maker,
Raging Seas, You Creatures All,
Fire And Hail And Snow And Vapors,
Stormy Winds That Hear The Call. [Refrain]

All You Fruitful Trees And Cedars,
Every Hill And Mountain High,
Creeping Things And Beasts And Cattle,
Birds That In The Heavens Fly,
Crowns Of Earth From Every Nation,
Rulers Great, Earth’s Judges All;
Praise Together, All You People,
Aged Ones And Children Small.

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