Christian Hymnal – Series 3S

Christian Hymnal – Series 3S


1. Sacred Fountain

2. Safe Am I Safe Am I

3. Safe Home Safe Home In Port

4. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus

5. Safely Safely Gathered In

6. Said It’s Sad Said It Was A Shame

7. Said The Night Wind

8. Saints Of God Their Conflict Past

9. Salvation And Glory

10. Salvation Belongs To Our God

11. Save Us O Lord Carry Us Back

12. Saved By Grace

13. Saviour And Friend

14. Saviour Like A Shepherd Lead Us

15. Saviour More Than Life To Me

16. Saviour My Sin Stained Soul

17. Saviour Of The Nations Come

18. Saviour Thy Dying Love

19. Saviour When Night Involves

20. Saviour While My Heart Is Tender

21. Saviour Who Thy Flock Art Feeding

22. Scandal Of Grace

23. Scattered Words And Empty

24. Sea Of Faces

25. Sealed Was The Tomb

26. Search Me O God And Know

27. Search Me O God And Know My Heart

28. Search Me O God My Actions Try

29. Searcher Of Hearts

30. Seasons Come And Seasons Go

31. See Amid The Winter’s Snow

32. See Amid The Winters Snow

33. See Another Year Is Gone

34. See Father Thy Beloved Son

35. See How Great A Flame Aspires

36. See Martha Weeping At A Tomb

37. See The Conqueror Mounts

38. See The Lamb Of God

39. Seek Ye First The Kingdom

40. Send It This Way Lord

41. Send Me Forth Oh Blessed Master

42. Send The Flood Tides

43. Send The Gospel Of Salvation

44. Servant Of God Well Done

45. Set A Fire Down In My Soul

46. Set Apart A Chosen Vessel

47. Set Me Ablaze Set Me Ablaze

48. Set My Spirit Free

49. Shadows Of A Different Kind

50. Shake A Friend’s Hand

51. Shall Man O God Of Light

52. Shall We Gather At The River

53. She Asked Him For Forever

54. She Dialed Him About 6 PM

55. She Only Touched The Hem

56. She Walked In The Summer

57. She’s On Her Own

58. Shepherd Of My Soul

59. Shepherds Rejoice Lift Up

60. Shepherds Shake Off

61. Shepherds What Joyful Tidings

62. Shine Jesus Shine

63. Shine On Me Lord Shine On Me

64. Shine Through Me Lord Jesus

65. Shining For Jesus Everywhere

66. Shout The Glad Tidings

67. Shout To The Lord

68. Shout To The Lord All The Earth

69. Shout With Joy To God

70. Show Me The Cross Of Calvary

71. Show Me The Way Of The Cross

72. Show Me Your Ways

73. Show Us Where To Walk

74. Showers Of Blessing

75. Shut In With God

76. Silent Night Holy Night

77. Silently The Shades Of Evening

78. Simply Trusting Every Day

79. Sin And It’s Ways Grow Old

80. Since Christ My Soul

81. Since I Saw My Name In The Book

82. Since I Started For The Kingdom

83. Since Jesus Freely Did Appear

84. Sing A New Song Unto The Lord

85. Sing A Song Of Celebration

86. Sing For Joy In The Lord

87. Sing For Joy To God

88. Sing Hallelujah To The Lord

89. Sing My Soul Her Praises Due

90. Sing O Sing This Blessed Morn

91. Sing Of Mary Pure And Lowly

92. Sing Once More Of Jesus

93. Sing Out The Lord Is Near

94. Sing Praise To God Who Reigns

95. Sing Shout Clap Your Hands

96. Sing The Joy Of Easter Day

97. Sing The Song Of Saving Grace

98. Sing The Wondrous Love Of Jesus

99. Sing Them Over Again To Me

100. Sing To The Lord Of Harvest

101. Sing To The Mountains

102. Sing Unto The Lord A New Song

103. Sing We Merry Christmas

104. Sing We Now Of Christmas

105. Sing We Of The Blessed Mother

106. Sing We The King Who Is Coming

107. Sing With All The Saints

108. Sing Ye The Songs Of Praise

109. Sinner How Thy Heart

110. Sinners Jesus Will Receive

111. Sit On Your Throne O Lord

112. Sixteen Finds Me

113. Sky Can Still Remember

114. Slacking Off Like A Bump

115. Sleep Baby Sleep

116. Sleep Holy Babe

117. Sleep My Little Jesus

118. Sleigh Bells Ring

119. Slow And Sweet We Sway

120. Smell The Burning Powder

121. Snow Lay On The Ground

122. So Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

123. So Glad I Am Yours Lord

124. So I Gladly Bow My Knees

125. So Just Be Faithful

126. So Loving And So True

127. So Many Memories

128. So Many Souls To Save

129. So Many Voices Telling Me

130. So My Soul Longeth After Thee

131. So Send I You To Labour

132. So This Is How It Was

133. So Will I – God Of Creation

134. Soften My Heart Lord

135. Softly And Tenderly Jesus

136. Soldiers Of Christ Arise

137. Solid Ground

138. Some Believe This World Is Bound

139. Some Children See Him Lily White

140. Some Days I Dream About Heaven

141. Some Days Life Feels Perfect

142. Some Days Life Feels Perfect

143. Some Glad Morning

144. Some Golden Daybreak

145. Some People Try To Listen

146. Some Sweet Day By And By

147. Somebody Said You Better Let Go

148. Somebody’s Gonna Praise His Name

149. Something Beautiful

150. Something In Your Eyes

151. Something More Than My Yesterdays

152. Something On The Inside

153. Sometimes I Feel Like This World Is

154. Sometimes I Wonder

155. Sometimes I Wonder What

156. Sometimes Life Seems

157. Sometimes On This Journey

158. Somewhere Between The Hot

159. Somewhere In The Darkest Night

160. Son Of God Proved His Love

161. Son Of God You Reign

162. Son Of Man From Jordan Rose

163. Son Of The Morning Highest

164. Song On Through Sunny Drops

165. Sons And Daughters

166. Soon And Very Soon

167. Soon Shall The Trump Of God

168. Soon Shall We See The Glorious

169. Soul Of Jesus Make Me Whole

170. Soul Wherein God Dwells

171. Sound The Battle Cry

172. Sound The Gospel Of Grace

173. Sounds Of Joy

174. Sower Went Forth Sowing

175. Sowing In The Morning

176. Speak Just A Word For Jesus

177. Speak Lord In Thy Stillness

178. Speak My Lord Speak My Lord

179. Special Love Comes From You

180. Spirit Break Out

181. Spirit Come And Change

182. Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers

183. Spirit Now Melt And Move

184. Spirit Of Faith Come Down

185. Spirit Of God That Moved Of Old

186. Spirit Of Mercy Truth And Love

187. Spirit Of The Living God

188. Stand By Everything You Said

189. Stand On That Rock

190. Stand Soldier Of The Cross

191. Stand Up And Bless The Lord

192. Stand Up And Shout It

193. Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus

194. Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus

195. Standing Alone With My Dreams

196. Standing At The Portal

197. Standing At The Waters Edge

198. Standing By A Purpose True

199. Standing High On A Mountain

200. Standing On The Corner

201. Standing On The Promises

202. Standing Tall In This Wide

203. Standing Up Of His Beauty

204. Star In The East

205. Star Proclaims The King Is Here

206. Star Spangled Banner

207. Stars And Stripes

208. Stars In The Sky

209. Start It Up Turn It On

210. Stay And Wait

211. Steady My Heart

212. Still More Awesome Than I Know

213. Still Still With Thee

214. Stir A Passion

215. Stood An Old Rugged Cross

216. Story Of The Wise Men

217. Streams Of Mercy Falling Down

218. Street Lights Got The Pavement

219. Strength Will Rise As We Wait

220. Such Love Such Wondrous Love

221. Suggestions Questions

222. Sun Is On The Land And Sea

223. Sunlight – I Wandered In

224. Sunshine In The Soul

225. Surely The Presence Of The Lord

226. Sweep Me Away

227. Sweep Over My Soul

228. Sweet And Clear The Birds Are

229. Sweet Hour Of Prayer

230. Sweet Is The Breath Of Morning

231. Sweet Is The Promise

232. Sweet Is The Work My God

233. Sweet Jesus Sweet Jesus

234. Sweet Saviour In Thy

235. Sweet Will Of God

236. Sweeter As The Days Go By

237. Sweeter Sounds That Music Knows

238. Sweeter Than The Love You Pour

239. Sweetly The Holy Hymn

240. Swing Low Sweet Chariot