Pentecost Hymns

Pentecost Hymns

1. A Song Of Praise (Wondrous Work)

2. Above The Starry Spheres

3. Above The Starry Spheres

4. Almighty Spirit Now Behold

5. Away With Our Fears

6. Baptize Us Anew With Power

7. Behold Us Lord Before Thee Met

8. Blest Comforter Divine

9. Bounteous Spirit Ever Shedding

10. Breathe Upon Us Lord

11. Brethren We Have Met To Worship

12. Bring Your Vessels Not A Few

13. Come Blessed Spirit Source Of Light

14. Come Dearest Lord Descend

15. Come Down O Love Divine

16. Come Gracious Spirit Heavenly Dove

17. Come Holy Ghost All-Quickening Fire

18. Come Holy Ghost And Touch

19. Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest

20. Come Holy Ghost Creator Come

21. Come Holy Ghost Eternal God

22. Come Holy Ghost God And Lord

23. Come Holy Ghost My Spirit Fill

24. Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts Inspire

25. Come Holy Ghost Our Souls Inspire

26. Come Holy Ghost Whoever One

27. Come Holy Ghost With God The Son

28. Come Holy Spirit Calm My Mind

29. Come Holy Spirit Come

30. Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine

31. Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine

32. Come Holy Spirit God And Lord

33. Come Holy Spirit Raise Our Songs

34. Come O Creator Spirit Blessed

35. Come O Creator Spirit Come

36. Come O Spirit With Your Sound

37. Come Spirit Come In Mighty Power

38. Come Thou Almighty King

39. Come Thou Everlasting Spirit

40. Come Thou Holy Paraclete

41. Come Thou Holy Spirit Come

42. Come To Me O Blessed Spirit

43. Come To Our Poor Nature’s Night

44. Come Ye Disconsolate

45. Creator Spirit By Whose Aid

46. Descend From Heaven Immortal Dove

47. Descend O Flame Of Sacred Fire

48. Dwell In Me O Blessed Spirit

49. Enthroned On High Almighty Lord

50. Eternal Spirit Come

51. Eternal Spirit God Of Truth

52. Eternal Spirit We Confess

53. Father Glorify Thy Son

54. Father If Thou My Father Art

55. Father Of Omnipresent Grace

56. Fill Me Holy Spirit Fill Me

57. Fill Me Now Fill Me Now

58. Give Us Lord Thy Holy Spirit

59. God Sent His Mighty Power

60. God The Spirit We Adore Thee

61. Gracious Spirit Dove Divine

62. Gracious Spirit Dwell With Me

63. Granted Is The Savior’s Prayer

64. Hail This Joyful Day’s Return

65. Hail Thou God Of Grace

66. Have You Ever Felt The Power

67. He Abides (I Am Rejoicing Night)

68. He Has Come The Holy Spirit

69. He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought

70. Head Of Thy Church Whose Spirit

71. Hear Us Thou That Broadest

72. Holy Ghost Come Down Upon

73. Holy Ghost Dispel Our Sadness

74. Holy Ghost Illuminator

75. Holy Ghost My Comforter

76. Holy Ghost With Light Divine

77. Holy Spirit Come And Shine

78. Holy Spirit Faithful Guide

79. Holy Spirit From On High

80. Holy Spirit God Of Love

81. Holy Spirit Hear Us Help Us

82. Holy Spirit Hear Us Help Us

83. Holy Spirit Hear Us On This Sacred

84. Holy Spirit Lord Of Light

85. Holy Spirit Lord Of Love

86. Holy Spirit Source Of Gladness

87. Holy Spirit Teacher Thou

88. Holy Spirit Truth Divine

89. How The Fire Fell (O I Love To)

90. I Need To Be Filled With The Spirit

91. I Now Have The Spirit That Seth Me

92. I Pray Thee I Pray Thee

93. I Worship Thee O Holy Ghost

94. If You Love Me I Now Say

95. In Thee O Spirit True And Tender

96. It’s Real (O How Well Do)

97. Jesu My Savior Brother Friend

98. Jesus We On The Word Depend

99. Joy Because The Circling Year

100. Joys Are Flowing Like A River

101. Let Songs Of Praises Fill The Sky

102. Like The Murmur Of The Dove’s

103. Long Years We Have Yearned

104. Lord As Of Old At Pentecost

105. Lord God The Holy Ghost

106. Lord In Thy Presence Dread

107. Lord Let Thy Spirit From Earthly

108. Lord When We Bend Before Thy

109. Love Of The Father Love Of God

110. Maker In Whom We Live

111. Maker Savior Of Mankind

112. No Track Is On The Sunny Sky

113. O Blessed Spirit From On High

114. O Breath of God Breathe on Us

115. O Come And Dwell In Me

116. O Come Thou Quickening Spirit

117. O Comforter Gentle And Tender

118. O For A Heart Of Calm Repose

119. O For That Flame Of Living Fire

120. O Heavenly Fount Of Light And Love

121. O Holy Father Who In Tender Love

122. O Holy Ghost Thy People Bless

123. O Holy Spirit Enter In

124. O Holy Spirit Lord Of Grace

125. O Holy Spirit Whom Our Master

126. O Joy Because The Circling Year

127. O King Enthroned On High

128. O Spirit Of Life O Spirit Of God

129. O Spirit Of Life O Spirit Of God

130. O Spirit Of The Living God

131. O Spirit Of The Living God

132. O Spirit Of The Living God

133. O Spread The Tidings Around

134. O Thou Who Camest From Above

135. O Thou Whose Spirit Witness Bears

136. Oh Enter Lord Thy Temple

137. On All The Earth Thy Spirit Shower

138. On Calvary’s Cross The Savior Bled

139. On The Mount Stood Elijah

140. Open Your Heart To The Spirit’s Entreating

141. Our Blest Redeemer Ere He Breathed

142. Our Lord His Passion Ended

143. Pentecost In My Soul

144. Pour Down Thy Spirit From Above

145. Pour Out Thy Spirit From On High

146. Praise To The Lord The Almighty

147. Rejoice The Year Upon Its Way

148. Send Down Thy Truth O God

149. Send Thy Spirit I Beseech Thee

150. Sing Praise To God Who Reigns

151. Sinners Your Hearts Lift Up

152. Spirit Blessed Who Art Adored

153. Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayer

154. Spirit Of God Descend Upon

155. Spirit Of God Descend Upon

156. Spirit Of God That Moved Of Old

157. Spirit Of Holiness Descend

158. Spirit Of Life And Light

159. Spirit Of Life And Light

160. Spirit Of Mercy Truth And Love

161. Spirit Of Power And Truth

162. Spirit Of Truth On This Thy Day

163. Spirit Strength Of All The Weak

164. Standing On The Promises

165. Sweet Hour Of Prayer

166. Temple Of God’s Holy Spirit

167. The Holy Ghost Is Here

168. The Power That Fell At Pentecost

169. The Spirit Is Waiting

170. The Spirit Oh Sinner In Mercy

171. The Still Small Voice That Speaks

172. There Are People Almost Everywhere

173. There Is Gladness In My Heart Today

174. They Were In An Upper Chamber

175. Thou Christ Of Burning

176. Thou Power And Peace

177. Thy Holy Spirit Lord Alone

178. Thy Home Is With The Humble Lord

179. Thy Spirit O Lord Makes Life

180. To Thee O Comforter Divine

181. Two Altars On A Hillside Made

182. Waiting On The Lord

183. We Are Gathered For Thy Blessing

184. We Now Implore God The Holy

185. We Pray Thee Heavenly Father

186. When Christ Our Lord Had Passed

187. When God Of Old Came Down

188. When The Comforter Came

189. Why Should The Children Of A King

190. Would You Be Redeemed