Good Old Christian Hymns Lyrics

A Beautiful Life

SongA Beautiful Life
AlbumGood Old Christian Hymns
GenreTraditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s)William M. Golden
KeyMeter: D
TagsA Beautiful Life
Scripture Reference(s) Luke 10:33-34
CCLI Song No 

Each Day I’ll Do A Golden Deed,
By Helping Those Who Are In Need;
My Life On Earth Is But A Span,
And So I’ll Do The Best I Can.

Life’s Evening Sun Is Sinking Low,
A Few More Days, And I Must Go
To Meet The Deeds That I Have Done,
Where There Will Be No Setting Sun.

To Be A Child Of God Each Day,
My Light Must Shine Along The Way;
I’ll Sing His Praise While Ages Roll,
And Strive To Help Some Troubled Soul.

The Only Life That Will Endure,
Is One That’s Kind And Good And Pure;
And So For God I’ll Take My Stand,
Each Day I’ll Lend A Helping Hand.

I’ll Help Someone In Time Of Need,
And Journey On With Rapid Speed;
I’ll Help The Sick And Poor And Weak,
And Words Of Kindness To Them Speak.

While Going Down Life’s Weary Road,
I’ll Try To Lift Some Traveler’s Load;
I’ll Try To Turn The Night To Day,
Make Flowers Bloom Along The Way