Good Old Christian Hymns Lyrics

A Charge to Keep I Have

SongA Charge to Keep I Have
AlbumGood Old Christian Hymns
GenreTraditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s)Charles Wesley
TagsA Charge to Keep I Have
Scripture Reference(s)Leviticus 8:35; Mark 13:33
CCLI Song No 

A Charge To Keep I Have,
A God To Glorify,
A Never-Dying Soul To Save,
And Fit It For The Sky.

To Serve The Present Age,
My Calling To Fulfill:
Oh, May It All My Powers Engage
To Do My Master’s Will!

Arm Me With Jealous Care,
As In Thy Sight To Live;
And O Thy Servant, Lord, Prepare
A Strict Account To Give!

Help Me To Watch And Pray,
And On Thyself Rely,
Assured, If I My Trust Betray,
I Shall Forever Die.