Lyrics Top Songs About Heaven

A Home On High

Song   A Home On High
Album Top Songs About Heaven
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer L. W. Mansfield
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags A Home On High
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Beyond The Light Of Setting Suns,
Beyond The Clouded Sky,
Beyond Where Starlight Fades In Night,
I Have A Home On High.

A Mansion There, Not Made With Hands,
A Place Prepared For Me;
And While God Lives, And Angels Sing,
That Home My Home Shall Be.

Beyond All Pain, Beyond All Care,
Beyond Life’s Mystery,
Beyond The Range Of Time And Change,
My Home’s Reserved For Me.

Swift Flying Worlds, Their Nights That Roll
Far Out On Seas Of Light,
Will Bring No Darkness To My Soul;
My Home’s Beyond The Night.

My Sins And Sorrows, Strifes And Fears,
I Bid Them All Farewell,
High Up Amid The Eternal Years,
With Christ, My Lord, To Dwell.

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