John Wesley's Collection of Hymns Lyrics

A Thousand Oracles Divine

SongA Thousand Oracles Divine
AlbumJohn Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
GenreTraditional Christian Hymns
TagsA Thousand Oracles Divine
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A THOUSAND Oracles Divine
Their Common Beams Unite,
That Sinners May With Angels Join
To Worship God Aright;
To Praise A Trinity Adored
By All The Hosts Above,
And One Thrice-Holy God And Lord
Through Endless Ages Love.

Triumphant Host! They Never Cease
To Laud And Magnify
The Triune God Of Holiness,
Whose Glory Fills The Sky;
Whose Glory To This Earth Extends,
When God Himself Imparts,
And The Whole Trinity Descends
Into Our Faithful Hearts.

By Faith The Upper Choir We Meet,
And Challenge Them To Sing
Jehovah On His Shining Seat,
Our Maker And Our King.
But God Made Flesh Is Wholly Ours,
And Asks Our Nobler Strain;
The Father Of Celestial Powers,
The Friend Of Earth-Born Man!

Ye Seraphs Nearest To The Throne,
With Rapturous Amaze
On Us, Poor Ransomed Worms, Look Down
For Heaven’s Superior Praise;
The King, Whose Glorious Face Ye See,
For Us His Crown Resigned;
That Fulness Of The Deity,
He Died For All Mankind!