Song A Wealth of Words
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 1
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Brenton Prigge
Publisher / Copyrights 2005 New Hymn
Tags A Wealth of Words, The Word Came Down Unto His Own
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No 4603931

The Word Came Down Unto His Own;
He Was The Truth For All Who Heard,
But Some Grew Angry At His Words –
Their Fingers Itched For Stones, For Stones.

They Lined Their Trap With Sticky Bait,
With Words Of Fiscal Politics;
Our Lord Was Wise To All Their Tricks
And Would Not Share Their Hate…No Hate.

Our Saviour Stands For Greater Things;
The Coins Of Caesars Have No Worth,
Nor All The Riches Of This Earth;
Oh, Christ, You Are Our Everything.

In Faith We Take The Word God Gave
And Share The Gospel Every Hour,
And Say Not Just With Words But Power:
“We Know Our Lord Does Save, Does Save!”

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