Song All Is Over The Pain The Sorrow
Album Traditional Christian Hymns
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags All Is Over The Pain The Sorrow
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All Is Over, The Pain, The Sorrow,
Human Taunts And Fiendish Spite;
Death Shall Be Despoiled Tomorrow
Of The Prey He Grasps Tonight;
Yet Awhile, His Own To Save,
Christ Must Linger In The Grave.

Dark And Still The Cell That Holds Him,
While In Brief Repose He Lies;
Deep The Slumber That Enfolds Him,
Veiled Awhile From Mortal Eyes;
Slumber Such As Needs Must Be
After Hard Won Victory.

Fierce And Deadly Was The Anguish
Which On Yonder Cross He Bore;
How Did Soul And Body Languish
Till The Toil Of Death Was Over:
But That Toil, So Fierce And Dread,
Bruised And Crushed The Serpent’s Head.

All Night Long, With Plaintive Voicing,
Chant His Requiem Soft And Low:
Loftier Strains Of Loud Rejoicing
From Tomorrow’s Harps Shall Flow:
“Death And Hell At Length Are Slain!
Christ Hath Triumphed! Christ Doth Reign!”

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