John Wesley's Collection of Hymns Lyrics

All That Pass By, To Jesus Draw Near

SongAll That Pass By, To Jesus Draw Near
AlbumJohn Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
GenreTraditional Christian Hymns
TagsAll That Pass By, To Jesus Draw Near
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ALL That Pass By, To Jesus Draw Near,
He Utters A Cry, Ye Sinners, Give Ear!
From Hell To Retrieve You He Spreads Out His Hands;
Now, Now To Receive You, He Graciously Stands.

If Any Man Thirst, And Happy Would Be,
The Vilest And Worst May Come Unto Me,
May Drink Of My Spirit, Excepted Is None,
Lay Claim To My Merit, And Take For His Own.

Whoever Receives The Life-Giving Word,
In Jesus Believes, His God And His Lord,
In Him A Pure River Of Life Shall Arise,
Shall In The Believer Spring Up To The Skies.

My God And My Lord! Thy Call I Obey,
My Soul On Thy Word Of Promise I Stay,
Thy Kind Invitation I Gladly Embrace,
Athirst For Salvation, Salvation By Grace.

O Hasten The Hour! Send Down From Above
The Spirit Of Power, Of Health, And Of Love,
Of Filial Fear, Of Knowledge And Grace,
Of Wisdom And Prayer, Of Joy And Of Praise;
G The Spirit Of Faith, Of Faith In Thy Blood,
Which Saves Us From Wrath, And Brings Us To God,
Removes The Huge Mountain Of Indwelling Sin,
And Opens A Fountain That Washes Us Clean.

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