Song All The Scenes Of Nature Quicken
Album Traditional Christian Hymns
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags All The Scenes Of Nature Quicken
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All The Scenes Of Nature Quicken,
By The Genial Spirit Fanned;
And The Painted Beauties Thicken,
Coloured By The Master’s Hand;

Earth Her Vigour Repossessing,
As The Blasts Are Held In Ward,
Blessing Heaped And Pressed On Blessing,
Yield The Measure Of The Lord.

Cowslips Seize Upon The Fallow,
And The Cardamine In White,
Where The Cornflowers Join The Mallow,
Joy And Health And Thrift Unite.

Hark! Aloud The Blackbird Whistles,
With Surrounding Fragrance Blest,
And The Goldfinch In The Thistles
Makes Provision For Her Nest.

Prayer And Praise Be Mine Employment
Without Grudging Or Regret:
Lasting Life And Long Enjoyment
Are Not Here, And Are Not Yet.

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