Song   All Ye That Love The Lord Rejoice
Album Popular Hymns By Isaac Watts
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags All Ye That Love The Lord Rejoice
Scripture Reference(s)
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All Ye That Love The Lord, Rejoice,
And Let Your Songs Be New;
Amidst The Church With Cheerful Voice
His Later Wonders Show.

The Jews, The People Of His Grace,
Shall Their Redeemer Sing;
And Gentile Nations Join The Praise,
While Sion Owns Her King.

The Lord Takes Pleasure In The Just,
Whom Sinners Treat With Scorn;
The Meek That Lie Despised In Dust
Salvation Shall Adorn.

Saints Should Be Joyful In Their King,
Even On A Dying Bed;
And Like The Souls In Glory Sing;
For God Shall Raise The Dead.

Then His High Praise Shall Fill Their Tongues
Their Hands Shall Wield The Sword;
And Vengeance Shall Attend Their Songs,
The Vengeance Of The Lord.

When Christ The Judgment-Seat Ascends,
And Bids The World Appear,
Thrones Are Prepared For All His Friends
Who Humbly Loved Him Here.

Then Shall They Rule With Iron Rod
Nations That Dared Rebel;
And Join The Sentence Of Their God
On Tyrants Doomed To Hell.

The Royal Sinners Bound In Chains
New Triumphs Shall Afford:
Such Honour For The Saints Remains:
Praise Ye, And Love The Lord!

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