Song Almighty Father Strong To Save
Album Traditional Christian Hymns
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer(s) William Whiting
Publisher / Copyrights Public Domain
Tags Almighty Father Strong To Save, Navy Hymn
Scripture Reference(s) Psalm 107
CCLI Song No

Almighty Father, Strong To Save,
Whose Arm Hath Bound The Restless Wave,
Who Bids The Mighty Ocean Deep
Its Own Appointed Limits Keep:
O Hear Us When We Cry To Thee
For Those In Peril On The Sea

O Christ! Whose Voice The Waters Heard
And Hushed Their Raging At Thy Word,
Who Walkedst On The Foaming Deep,
And Calm Amidst Its Rage Didst Sleep,
O Hear Us When We Cry To Thee,
For Those In Peril On The Sea!

O Holy Spirit, Who Did Brood
Upon The Waters Dark And Rude,
And Bid Their Angry Tumult Cease,
And Give For Wild Confusion Peace;
O Hear Us When We Cry To Thee
For Those In Peril On The Sea.

O Trinity Of Love And Power,
Our People Shield In Danger’s Hour;
From Rock And Tempest, Fire And Foe,
Protect Them Wheresoever They Go;
Thus Ever More Shall Rise To Thee
Glad Praise From Space, Air, Land, And Sea.

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