Song At The Foot Of The Cross
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-10)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Derek Bond
Publisher / Copyrights 1992 Sovereign Music Uk
Key D Major
Tags Calvary, Cross, Praise
Theme(s) Calvary, Cross, Praise
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No 906488

At The Foot Of The Cross,
I Can Hardly Take It In,
That The King Of All Creation
Was Dying For My Sin.
And The Pain And Agony,
And The Thorns That Pierced Your Head,
And The Hardness Of My Sinful Heart
That Left You There For Dead.
And Oh What Mercy I Have Found
At The Cross Of Calvary;
I Will Never Know Your Loneliness,
All On Account Of Me.
And I Will Bow My Knee Before Your Throne,’
Cause Your Love Has Set Me Free;
And I Will Give My Life To You, Dear Lord,
And Praise Your Majesty,
And Praise Your Majesty,
And Praise Your Majesty.

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