Song Ave Maria Maiden Mild
Album Best Christmas Hymns
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Sir Walter Scot
Publisher / Copyrights Public Domain
Tags Ave Maria, Maiden Mild, A Maiden’s Prayer
Theme(s) Christmas Song
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Ave Maria ! Maiden Mild !
Listen To A Maiden’s Prayer !
Thou Canst Hear Though From The Wild,
Thou Canst Save Amid Despair.
Safe May We Sleep Beneath Thy Care,
Though Banished, Outcast, And Reviled—
Maiden ! Hear A Maiden’s Prayer;
Mother, Hear A Suppliant Child !
Ave Maria !

Ave Maria ! Undefiled !
The Flinty Couch We Now Must Share
Shall Seem With Down Of Eider Piled,
If Thy Protection Hover There.
The Murky Cavern’s Heavy Air
Shall Breathe Of Balm If Thou Has Smiled;
Then, Maiden ! Hear A Maiden’s Prayer,
Mother, List A Suppliant Child !
Ave Maria !

Ave Maria ! Stainless Styled !
Foul Demons Of The Earth And Air,
From This Their Wonted Haunt Exiled,
Shall Flee Before Thy Presence Fair.
We Bow Us To Our Lot Of Care,
Beneath Thy Guidance Reconciled:
Hear For A Maid A Maiden’s Prayer,
And For A Father Hear A Child !
Ave Maria !

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