Song Be Thou My Vision O Lord Of My Heart
Album Christian Hymns Karaoke
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Eleanor Henrietta Hull
Publisher / Copyrights Words: Public Domain
Key D Major
Tags Be Thou My Vision, Lord Of My Heart
Theme(s) Adoration, Aspiration, Blessing, Commitment, Conquering, Consecration, Declaration, Dedication
Scripture Reference(s) Genesis 15:1-18, Genesis 28:10-22, Genesis 37:25, Exodus 33:12-23, Numbers 12:6
CCLI Song No 7056332

Be Thou My Vision, O Lord Of My Heart;
Naught Be All Else To Me, Save That Thou Art;
Thou My Best Thought, By Day Or By Night,
Waking Or Sleeping, Thy Presence My Light.

Be Thou My Wisdom, And Thou My True Word;
I Ever With Thee And Thou With Me, Lord;
Thou My Great Father, I Thy True Son;
Thou In Me Dwelling, And I With Thee One.

Be Thou My Battle Shield, Sword For The Fight;
Be Thou My Dignity, Thou My Delight;
Thou My Soul’s Shelter, Thou My High Tower:
Raise Thou Me Heavenward, O Power Of My Power.

Riches I Heed Not, Nor Man’s Empty Praise,
Thou Mine Inheritance, Now And Always:
Thou And Thou Only, First In My Heart,
High King Of Heaven, My Treasure Thou Art.

High King Of Heaven, My Victory Won,
May I Reach Heaven’s Joys, O Bright Heaven’s Sun!
Heart Of My Own Heart, Whatever Befall,
Still Be My Vision, O Ruler Of All.

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