Song Beautiful Beckoning Hands
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Beautiful Hands At The Gateway Tonight,
Faces All Shining With Radiant Light;
Eyes Looking Down From Yon Heavenly Home,
Beautiful Hands They Are Beckoning “Come.”

Beautiful Hands, Beckoning Hands,
Calling The Dear Ones To Heavenly Lands;
Beautiful Hands, Beckoning Hands,
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beckoning Hands.

Beckoning Hands Of A Mother Whose Love
Sacrificed Life Her Devotion To Prove;
Hands Of A Father To Memory Dear,
Beckon Up Higher The Waiting Ones Here.

Beautiful Hands Of A Little One, See!
Baby Voice Calling, O Mother, For Thee;
Rosy Cheeked Darling, The Light Of The Home,
Taken So Early Is Beckoning “Come.”

Beckoning Hands Of A Husband, A Wife,
Watching And Waiting The Loved One Of Life;
Hands Of A Brother, A Sister, A Friend,
Out From The Gateway Tonight They Extend.

Brightest And Best Of That Glorious Throng,
Center Of All And Theme Of Their Song;
Jesus, Our Saviour, The Pierced One Stands,
Lovingly Calling With Beckoning Hands.

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