Song Beautiful Witness For God Is He
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Jimmie, Said His Kind Protector,
Long His Faithful Friend And Guide,
Jimmie, Do You Love The Saviour?
Yes, The Happy Child Replied.
Can You Tell How Much You Love Him?
All My Heart To Him I Give;
Love My Saviour? Yes, Forever,
I Will Try For Him To Live.

Beautiful Witness For God Is He,
The Tears Of The Orphan Are Wiped Away,
I Love Jesus, And Jesus Loves Me;
And That Is All I’ve Got To Say.

It Was The Holy Spirit Led Him
In The Pleasant Way Of Truth,
And He Sought And Found The Saviour
In The Early Days Of Youth.
Should He Live Till Years Have Sprinkled
Over His Brow The Frost Of Age,
Sweet To Him The Words Of Comfort,
From The Bible’s Sacred Page.

Children, We May Love The Saviour;
If We Seek Him, We Shall Find;
Are We Ready Now To Serve Him
With Our Heart, Our Strength, And Mind?
Think Of All His Tender Mercies,
All The Wonders He Has Done.
Little Jimmie’s Bright Example
Let Us Follow, Every One.

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