Song Begin My Soul The Exalted Lay
Album Traditional Christian Hymns
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer(s) John Ogilvie
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Begin My Soul The Exalted Lay
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Begin, My Soul, The Exalted Lay;
Let Each Enraptured Thought Obey,
And Praise The Almighty’s Name:
Let Heaven And Earth, And Sea And Skies,
In One Melodious Concert Rise,
To Swell The Inspiring Theme.

Ye Angels, Catch The Thrilling Sound,
While All The Adoring Thrones Around
His Boundless Mercy Sing;
Let Every Listening Saint Above
Wake All The Tuneful Soul Of Love,
And Touch The Sweetest String.

Whatever This Living World Contains,
That Wings The Air Or Treads The Plains,
United Praise Bestow;
Ye Tenants Of The Ocean Wide,
Proclaim Him Through The Mighty Tide,
And In The Deeps Below.

Let Man, By Nobler Passions Swayed,
The Feeling Heart, The Judging Head,
In Heavenly Praise Employ;
Spread His Tremendous Name Around,
Till Heaven’s Broad Arch Rings Back The Sound
The General Burst Of Joy.

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