Song   Behold The Rose Of Sharon Here
Album Popular Hymns By Isaac Watts
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Behold The Rose Of Sharon Here
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Behold The Rose Of Sharon Here,
The Lily Which The Valleys Bear,
Behold The Tree Of Life, That Gives
Refreshing Fruit And Healing Leaves.

Amongst The Thorns So Lilies Shine;
Amongst Wild Gourds The Noble Vine;
So In Mine Eyes My Savior Proves,
Amidst A Thousand Meaner Loves.

Beneath His Cooling Shade I Sat,
To Shield Me From The Burning Heat;
Of Heavenly Fruit He Spreads A Feast,
To Feed Mine Eyes And Please My Taste.

Kindly He Brought Me To The Place
Where Stands The Banquet Of His Grace;
He Saw Me Faint, And Over My Head
The Banner Of His Love He Spread.

With Living Bread And Generous Wine,
He Cheers This Sinking Heart Of Mine;
And Opening His Own Heart To Me,
He Shows His Thoughts, How Kind They Be.

O Never Let My Lord Depart;
Lie Down, And Rest Upon My Heart;
I Charge My Sins Not Once To Move,
Nor Stir, Nor Wake, Nor Grieve My Love.

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