Song Beside The Gospel Pool
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Beside The Gospel Pool
Appointed For The Poor;
From Year To Year, My Helpless Soul
Has Waited For A Cure.

How Often Have I Seen
The Healing Waters Move;
And Others, Round Me, Stepping In
Their Efficacy Prove.

But My Complaints Remain,
I Feel The Very Same;
As Full Of Guilt, And Fear, And Pain.
As When At First I Came.

O Would The Lord Appear
My Malady To Heal;
He Knows How Long I’ve Languished Here;
And What Distress I Feel.

How Often Have I Thought
Why Should I Longer Lie?
Surely The Mercy I Have Sought
Is Not For Such As I.

But Whither Can I Go?
There Is No Other Pool
Where Streams Of Sovereign Virtue Flow
To Make A Sinner Whole.

Here Then, From Day To Day,
I’ll Wait, And Hope, And Try;
Can Jesus Hear A Sinner Pray,
Yet Suffer Him To Die?

No: He Is Full Of Grace;
He Never Will Permit
A Soul, That Fain Would See His Face,
To Perish At His Feet.

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