Song Blessed Be The Name Of My Rock
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Blessed Be The Name Of My Rock
Theme(s) Beleivers Song Book
Scripture Reference(s)
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Blessed Be The Name Of My Rock
Who Trains My Hands For War,
Who Causes Me To Walk In His Overcoming
Power For Evermore.
Blessed Be The Name Of My Rock,
Blessed Be The Name Of My Shield,
Blessed Be The Lamb Who
Has Opened The Scroll,
And Loosed The Seven Seals.

Proclaim This Word To Every Land,
Let My People Prepare For War.
Let All The Mighty Men,
Let All The Men Become Mighty Men Of War.
Come Be A People Great And Strong,
The Like Of Which Has Never Been.
Pick Up Your Sword, Pick Up Your Shield,
And Become Mighty Men.
Let The Weak Say “I Am Strong”,
Let The Faint Say “I Am Renewed”.
Blow The Trumpet In Zion,
For I Am Coming Soon.

The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand,
And His Camp Is Very Great,
For Strong Is The One Who Performs His Word,
And By His Word All The Earth Shall Shake.
My People Shall Become A Strength,
Like Swift Steeds They Shall Run.
They Shall Leap The Mountain Like A Flame Of Fire,
Like A Chariot In The Sun.
The Army Of The Lord Is Great,
The Army Of The Lord Of Lords.
The Faith That’s In Their
Hearts Shall Be Their Shield,
And His Word Shall Be Their Sword

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