Song   Blest Are The Undefiled In Heart
Album Popular Hymns By Isaac Watts
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Blest Are The Undefiled In Heart
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Blest Are The Undefiled In Heart,
Whose Ways Are Right And Clean;
Who Never From Thy Law Depart,
But Fly From Every Sin.

Blest Are The Men That Keep Thy Word,
And Practice Thy Commands;
With Their Whole Heart They Seek The Lord,
And Serve Thee With Their Hands.

Great Is Their Peace Who Love Thy Law;
How Firm Their Souls Abide!
Nor Can A Bold Temptation Draw
Their Steady Feet Aside.

Then Shall My Heart Have Inward Joy,
And Keep My Face From Shame,
When All Thy Statutes I Obey,
And Honours All Thy Name.

But Haughty Sinners God Will Hate,
The Proud Shall Die Accursed;
The Sons Of Falsehood And Deceit
Are Trodden To The Dust.

Vile As The Dross The Wicked Are;
And Those That Leave Thy Ways
Shall See Salvation From Afar,
But Never Taste Thy Grace.

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