Song Choose Life Choose A Job
Album With Joyful Lips – J
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Choose Life Choose A Job
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Choose Life.
Choose A Job.
Choose A Career.
Choose A Family,

Choose A Fucking Big Television
Choose Washing Machines, Cars,
Compact Disc Players, And Electrical Tin Openers.
Choose Good Health, Low Cholesterol

And Dental Insurance.
Choose Fixed-Interest Mortgage Repayments.
Choose A Starter Home.
Choose Your Friends.

Choose Leisure Wear And Matching Luggage.
Choose A Three Piece Suite On Hire Purchase
In A Range Of Fucking Fabrics.
Choose Diy And Wondering Who You

Are On A Sunday Morning.
Choose Sitting On That Couch Watching Mind-Numbing
Sprit-Crushing Ga Me Shows
Stuffing Fucking Junk Food Into Your Mouth.

Choose Rotting Away At The End Of It All,
Phishing You Last In A Miserable Home
Nothing More Than An Embarrassment To The Selfish,
Fucked-Up Brats

You Have Spawned To Replace Yourself.
Choose Your Future. Choose Life.

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