Song Christians Lo The Star Appeareth
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Christians Lo The Star Appeareth
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Christians, Lo, The Star Appeareth;
Lo This Yet Messiah’s Day;
Still With Tribute Treasure Laden
Come The Wise Men On Their Way.

Where A Life Is Spent In Service,
Walking Where The Master Trod,
There Is Scattered Myrrh Most Fragrant
For The Blessed Christ Of God.

Whoso Bears His Brother’s Burden,
Whoso Shares Another’s Woe,
Brings His Frankincense To Jesus
With The Men Of Long Ago.

When We Soothe Earth’s Weary Children
Tending Best The Least Of Them,
This The Lord Himself We Worship,
Bringing Gold To Bethlehem.

Christians, Lo, The Star Appeareth
Leading Still The Ancient Way;
Christians, Onward With Your Treasure;
It Is Still Messiah’s Day.

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