Song Christmas A Saviour Will Come
Album With Joyful Lips – E
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Christmas A Saviour Will Come
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Christmas, A Saviour Will Come, (Has)
Christmas, A Babe In A Stable,
Lying On Straw In A Manager,
Jesus The Lord Will Be Born. (Now Is)
High Up In The Skies Above,
The Voices Of Angels Will Sing: (Have Sung)
Glory To God In The Highest
And Peace To His People On Earth.

To All The Destitute,
Crying To Him In Starvation
To All The Destitute,
Hope He Brings And Reassurance.

To All The Desolate,
Pleading For Help In Misfortune,
To All The Desolate,
Love He Brings And Consolation.

To All The People He Loves,
Pardon He Shows And Forgiveness,
To All The People He Loves,
Peace He Brings And Joy Awakens.

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