Christian Hymnal – Series 3C Lyrics

Christmas Brings Joy To Every Heart

Song Christmas Brings Joy To Every Heart
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Christmas Brings Joy To Every Heart
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Christmas Brings Joy To Every Heart,
Sets Old And Young Rejoicing,
What Angels Sang Once To All On Earth,
Oh, Hear The Children Voicing.
Bright Is The Tree With Lights Aglow,
Like Birds That Perch Together,
The Child That Holdeth Christmas Dear
Shall Keep These Joys Forever.

Joy Comes To The All The World Today,
To Halls And Cottage Hasting,
Come, Sparrow And Dove, From Roof Tree Tall,
And Share Our Christmas Feasting.
Dance, Little Child, On Mother’s Knee,
The Lovely Day Is Dawning,
The Road To Paradise Is Found
The Blessed Christmas Morning.

Once To This Earth Our Saviour Came,
An Infant Poor And Lowly,
To Open For Us Those Gardens Fair
Where Dwell His Angels Holy.
Christmas Joy He Bringeth Us,
The Christ Child King Of Heaven,
“To Every Little Child,” He Saith,
“Shall Angel Wings Be Given.”

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