Song Christmas List (Some People)
Album Top Christmas Hymns
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Some People They Wanna Reinvent The Wheel
While Others Just Prefer To Have A Family Meal
Tiny Tots Ask For Toys Indulge At The Ladies Need The Shopping Spree At The Mall
The Choir Carols All The Classic Christmas Songs
While The Midas Search To Find A Way To Right Their Wrongs
All Type Of Folks Form The Line
The Next Gifts Santa This List Of Mine

Number One Santa
I Want A House
To Hang A Mistletoe On The Pane Of The Door
Number Two Santa
I Want A Bank Account With Major Credit Cards Gift Wrapped With A Bow
This Is Three
I Want A New Car That Rumpumpum Bump From The Speakers In The Trunk
But Most Of All I Want Santa
To Get To Her

Some People Go To Church To Celebrate The Birth
Of Their Messiah Jesus Christ’s First Day On Earth
Others Gather Round Bonfires Outside
While Many Ride By With No Concern Inside
From All The Christmas Lights Grandma Blows A Fuse
And Papa Cries The Blues Like Ebenezer Scrooge
I Understand There’s People You Must Assist
But I’m Asking Once Again To Take A Look At This List

Number One Santa
I Wanna Make
Angels In The Snow
Ice Skate And Ride A Sleigh
Number Two Santa
How About Some Ornaments To Decorate The Tree Right Beside The Chimney
This Is Three
I Want A Little Drummer Boy To Rat Tat Tat Tat On His New Snare
Sir But Overall I Want To Get To Her

I’ve Never Asked Before
Hey Santa Make This Dream Come True
I Want A Diamond That Shines Like The Sun
So Her Christmas Can Be Cool

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