Song Come Every Pious Heart
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Come, Every Pious Heart,
That Loves The Saviour’s Name,
Your Noblest Powers Exert
To Celebrate His Fame;
Tell All Above, And All Below;
That Debt Of Love To Him You Owe.

He Left His Starry Crown,
And Laid His Robes Aside;
On Wings Of Love Came Down,
And Wept, And Bled, And Died:
What He Endured, O Who Can Tell,
To Save Our Souls From Death And Hell!

From The Dark Grave He Rose;
The Mansions Of The Dead,
And Thence His Mighty Foes
In Glorious Triumph Led;
Up Through The Sky The Conqueror Rode;
And Reigns On High, The Saviour God.

From Thence He’ll Quickly Come,
His Chariot Will Not Stay,
And Bear Our Spirits Home
To Realms Of Endless Day;
There Shall We See His Lovely Face
And Ever Be In His Embrace.

Jesus, We Ne’er Can Pay
The Debt We Owe Thy Love;
Yet Tell Us How We May
Our Gratitude Approve;
Our Hearts, Our All To Thee We Give;
The Gift, Though Small, Thou Wilt Receive.

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