Song Come Jesus Lord With Holy Fire
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Come Jesus Lord With Holy Fire
Theme(s) English Hymns
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Come, Jesus, Lord, With Holy Fire!
Come, And My Quickened Heart Inspire,
Cleansed In Thy Precious Blood.
Now To My Soul Thyself Reveal.
Thy Mighty Working Let Me Feel,
Since I Am Born Of God.

Let Nothing Now My Heart Divide;
Since With Thee I Am Crucified,
And Live To God In Thee.
Dead To The World And All Its Toys,
Its Idle Pomp, And Fading Joys,
Jesus My Glory Be!

Me With A Quenchless Thirst Inspire,
A Longing Infinite Desire,
And Fill My Craving Heart.
Less Than Thyself, Oh, Do Not Give,
In Might Thyself Within Me Live,
Come, All Thou Hast And Art!

My Will Be Swallowed Up In Thee,
Light In Thy Light Still May I See,
In Thine Unclouded Face;
Called The Full Strength Of Trust To Prove,
Let All My Quickened Heart Be Love,
My Spotless Life Be Praise

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