Song Come Let Us To The Lord Our God
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Come Let Us To The Lord Our God
Theme(s) English Hymns
Scripture Reference(s)
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Come, Let Us To The Lord Our God
With Contrite Hearts Return:
Our God Is Gracious, Nor Will Leave
The Desolate To Mourn.

His Voice Commands The Tempest Forth,
And Stills The Stormy Wave;
And Though His Arm Be Strong To Smite,
This Also Strong To Save.

Long Hath The Night Of Sorrow Reigned;
The Dawn Shall Bring Us Light;
God Shall Appear, And We Shall Rise
With Gladness In His Sight.

Our Hearts, If God We Seek To Know,
Shall Know Him And Rejoice;
His Coming Like The Morn Shall Be,
Like Morning Songs His Voice.

As Dew Upon The Tender Herb,
Diffusing Fragrance Round;
As Showers That Usher In The Spring,
And Cheer The Thirsty Ground:

So Shall His Presence Bless Our Souls,
And Shed A Joyful Light:
That Hallowed Morn Shall Chase Away
The Sorrows Of The Night

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