Song Come O Thou Traveler Unknown
Album Christian Hymns Karaoke
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Charles Wesley
Publisher / Copyrights Public Domain
Tags Come O Thou Traveler Unknown
Theme(s) Traveler, My Company, Thee, My Sin
Scripture Reference(s) Genesis 32:22-32, Exodus 33:11, Deuteronomy 5:24, Song Of Solomon 2:17, Song Of Solomon 5:4, Isaiah 2:17, Isaiah 4:6
CCLI Song No 4215044

Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown,
Whom Still I Hold But Cannot See;
My Company Before Is Gone,
And I Am Left Alone With Thee;
With Thee All Night I Mean To Stay,
And Wrestle Till The Break Of Day.

I Need Not Tell Thee Who I Am,
My Sin And Misery Declare;
Thyself Hast Called Me By My Name,
Look On Thy Hands, And Read It There;
But Who, I Ask Thee, Who Art Thou?
Tell Me Thy Name, And Tell Me Now.

In Vain Thou Strugglest To Get Free;
I Never Will Unloose My Hold;
Art Thou The Man That Died For Me?
The Secret Of Thy Love Unfold;
Wrestling, I Will Not Let Thee Go,
Till I Thy Name, Thy Nature Know.

Yield To Me Now, For I Am Weak,
But Confident In Self-Despair;
Speak To My Heart, In Blessings Speak,
Be Conquered By My Instant Prayer;
Speak, Or Thou Never Hence Shalt Move,
And Tell Me If Thy Name Be Love.

’Tis Love! ’Tis Love! Thou Diedst For Me,
I Hear Thy Whisper In My Heart;
The Morning Breaks, The Shadows Flee:
Pure, Universal Love Thou Art;
To Me, To All Thy Mercies Move;
Thy Nature And Thy Name Is Love.

Lame As I Am, I Take The Prey;
Hell, Earth And Sin, With Ease O’ercome.
I Leap For Joy, Pursue My Way,
And, As A Bounding Hart, I Run,
Through All Eternity To Prove
Thy Nature And Thy Name Is Love.

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