Song Come Thou Redeemer Of The Earth
Album Top Advent Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Come, Thou Redeemer Of The Earth,
Come, Testify Thy Virgin-Birth:
All Lands Admire, All Times Applaud!
Such Is The Birth That Fits A God.

Begotten Of No Human Will,
But Of The Spirit, My Stick Still,
The Word Of God In Flesh Arrayed
The Promised Fruit To Man Displayed.

The Virgin Womb That Burden Gained
With Virgin Honour All Unstained:
The Banners There Of Virtue Glow;
God In His Temple Dwells Below.

Proceeding From His Chamber Free,
The Royal Hall Of Chastity,
Giant Of Two-Fold Substance, Straight
His Destined Way He Runs Elate.

From God The Father He Proceeds;
To God The Father Back He Speeds:
Proceeds, As Far As Very Hell;
Speeds Back, To Light Ineffable.

O Equal To Thy Father, Thou!
Gird On Thy Fleshly Mantle Now:
The Weakness Of Our Mortal State
With Deathless Might Invigorate.

Thy Cradle Here Shall Glitter Bright,
And Darkness Breathe A Newer Light,
Where Endless Faith Shall Shine Serene,
And Twilight Never Intervene.

All Laud To God The Father Be,
All Praise, Eternal Son, To Thee:
All Glory, As Is Ever Meet,
To God The Holy Paraclete. Amen.

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