Song Come To The House Of Prayer
Album The Christian Hymn Book
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) A. Campbell And Others
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Come To The House Of Prayer
Theme(s) Prayer And Social Meetings
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Come To The House Of Prayer,
O Thou Afflicted, Come;
The God Of Peace Shall Meet Thee There;
He Makes That House His Home.

Come To The House Of Praise,
Ye Who Are Happy Now;
In Sweet Accord Your Voices Raise,
In Kindred Homage Bow.

Ye Aged, Hither Come,
For You Have Felt His Love;
Soon Shall Your Trembling Tongues Be Dumb,
Your Lips Forget To Move.

Ye Young, Before His Throne
Come, Bow; Your Voices Raise;
Let Not Your Hearts His Praise Disown
Who Gives The Power To Praise.

Thou, Whose Benignant Eye
In Mercy Looks On All
Who Seest The Tear Of Misery,
And Hearest The Mourner’s Call

Up To Thy Dwelling-Place
Bear Our Frail Spirits On,
Till They Outstrip Time’s Tardy Pace,
And Heaven On Earth Be Won.

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