Lyrics Our Great Redeemer’s Praise

Consecrated (Since Jesus Gave)

Song Consecrated (Since Jesus Gave)
Album Our Great Redeemer’s Praise 
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Consecrated (Since Jesus Gave)
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Since Jesus Gave His Life For Me,
Should I Not Give Him Mine?
I’m Consecrated, Lord, To Thee,
I Shall Be Wholly Thine.

My Life, O Lord, I Give To Thee,
My Talents, Time, And All;
I’ll Serve Thee, Lord, Thine Own To Be,
I’ll Hear Thy Faintest Call.

I Care Not Where My Lord Directs,
His Purpose I’ll Fulfil;
I Know He Everyone Protects
Who Does His Holy Will.

Though He May Call Across The Sea,
With Jesus I Will Go;
And Tell The Lost Of Love So Free,
Till All His Power May Know.

My Home And Friends Are Dear To Me,
Yet He Is Dearer Still;
In My Affections First He’ll Be,
And First His Righteous Will.

My All, O Lord, To Thee I’ll Give,
Accept It As Thine Own;
For Thee Alone I’ll Ever Live,
My Heart Shall Be Thy Throne.

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