Song Daily Daily Sing To Mary
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Daily, Daily Sing To Mary,
Sing, My Soul, Her Praises Due:
All Her Feasts, Her Actions Honour
With The Heart’s Devotion True.

Lost In Wondering Contemplation,
Be Her Majesty Confessed:
Call Her Mother, Call Her Virgin,
Happy Mother, Virgin Blest.

She Is Mighty In Her Pleading,
Tender In Her Loving Care;
Ever Watchful, Understanding,
All Our Sorrows She Will Share.

Advocate And Loving Mother,
Mediatrix Of All Grace:
Heaven’s Blessings She Dispenses
On Our Sinful Human Race.

All Our Graces Flow Through Mary;
All Then Join Her Praise To Sing:
Fairest Work Of All Creation,
Mother Of Creation’s King.

Sing In Songs Of Peace Unending,
Call Upon Her Lovingly:
Seat Of Wisdom, Gate Of Heaven,
Morning Star Upon The Sea..

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