Song Day After Day I Sought The Lord
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Day After Day I Sought The Lord
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Day After Day I Sought The Lord,
And Waited Patiently;
Until He Bent Down From His Throne,
And Hearkened To My Cry.

He Drew Me From The Fearful Pit,
And From The Miry Clay;
He Placed My Feet Upon A Rock,
And Led Me In His Way.

He Taught My Soul A New-Made Song,
A Song Of Holy Praise,
All They Who See These Things, With Fear
Their Hopes To God Shall Raise.

Most Blessed Is The Man Whose Hope
Upon The Lord Relies;
Who Follows Not The Proud, Nor Those
That Turn Aside To Lies.

O Lord, What Wonders Hast Thou Wrought,
All Number Far Above!
Thy Thoughts To Us-Ward Overflow
With Mercy, Grace, And Love.

SHOW Forth Thy Mercy, Gracious Lord;
O Take It Not Away!
Thy Loving Kindness And Thy Truth,
Let Them Be Still My Stay.

For Countless Sorrows Hem Me Round;
And My Iniquities
So Hold Me Fast, And Drag Me Down,
I Cannot Raise My Eyes.

My Hairs In Number They Surpass;
Hence Is My Heart Dismayed;
Vouchsafe, O Lord, To Rescue Me!
O Hasten To My Aid.

Let Those Who Seek Thee Faithfully
In Peace And Joy Abide;
Let Those Who Love Thy Grace Still Say,
“The Lord Be Magnified.”

Poor Am I, And In Need; Yet God
Care Of My Soul Doth Take.
Thou Art My Help; My Saviour Thou;
Lord, No Long Tarrying Make.

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