Song Day Of Anger That Dread Day
Album Top Advent Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Day Of Anger, That Dread Day
Shall The Sign In Heaven Display,
And The Earth In Ashes Lay.
O What Trembling Shall Appear,
When His Coming Shall Be Near,
Who Shall All Things Strictly Clear !
When The Trumpet Shall Command,
Through The Tombs Of Every Land,
All Before The Throne To Stand!

Death Shall Shrink And Nature Quake,
When All Creatures Shall Awake,
Answer To Their Judge To Make.
See The Book Divinely Penned,
In Which All Is Found Contained,
Whence The World Shall Be Arraigned!
When The Judge Is On His Throne,
All That’s Hidden Shall Be Shown,
Naught Unpublished Or Unknown !

What Shall I Before Him Say ?
How Shall I Be Safe That Day,
When The Righteous Scarcely May ?
King Of Awful Majesty,
Saving Sinners Graciously,
Fount Of Mercy, Save Thou Me !
Leave Me Not, My Saviour! One
For Whose Soul Thy Course Was Run.
Lest I Be That Day Undone.

Thou Didst Toil My Soul To Gain,
Didst Redeem Me With Thy Pain,
Be Such Labour Not In Vain !
Thou Just Judge Of Wrath Severe,
Grant My Sins Remission Here,
Ere Thy Reckoning Day Appear.
My Transgressions Grievous Are,
Scarce Look Up For Shame I Dare :
Lord, Thy Guilty Suppliant Spare !

Thou Didst Heal The Sinner’s Grief,
And Didst Hear The Dying Thief:
Even I May Hope Relief.
All Unworthy Is My Prayer ;
Make My Soul Thy Mercy’s Care,
And From Fire Eternal Spare.
Place Me With Thy Sheep That Band
Who Shall Separated Stand
From The Goats, At Thy Right Hand !

When Thy Voice In Wrath Shall Say,
Cursed Ones, Depart Away !
Call Me With The Blest, I Pray !
Lord, Thine Ear In Mercy Bow ;
Broken Is My Heart And Low :
Guard Of My Last End Be Thou.
In That Day, That Mournful Day,
When To Judgment Wakes Our Clay,
Show Me Mercy, Lord, I Pray !

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