Song Dear Lord We Humbly Pray
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Dear Lord We Humbly Pray
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Take Thou Our Minds
Dear Lord We Humbly Pray
Give Us The Mind Of Christ
Each Passing Day
Teach Us To Know The Truth
That Sets Us Free
Grant Us In All Our Thoughts
To Honour Thee

Take Thou Our Hearts
O Christ They Are Thine Own
Come Thou Within Our Souls
And Claim Thy Throne
Help Us To Shed Abroad Thy
Deathless Love
Use Us To Make The Earth
Like Heaven Above

Take Thou Our Wills Most
High Hold Thou Full Sway
Have In Our Inmost Souls
Thy Perfect Way
Guard Thou Each Sacred Hour
From Selfish Ease
Guide Thou Our Ordered
Lives As Thou Dost Please

Take Thou Ourselves
O Lord Heart Mind And Will
Through Our Surrendered Souls
Thy Plans Fulfill
We Yield Ourselves To
Thee Time Talents All
We Hear And Henceforth Heed
Thy Sovereign Call

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