Song   Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter D
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record
Scripture Reference(s)
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Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record
The Deeper Sorrow Of Our Lord;
Behold The Rising Billows Roll,
To Overwhelm His Holy Soul.

In Long Complaints He Spends His Breath,
While Hosts Of Hell, And Powers Of Death,
And All The Sons Of Malice, Join
To Execute Their Cursed Design.

Yet, Gracious God, Thy Power And Love
Have Made The Curse A Blessing Prove;
Those Dreadful Sufferings Of Thy Son
Atoned For Sins Which We Had Done.

The Pangs Of Our Expiring Lord
The Honors Of Thy Law Restored;
His Sorrows Made Thy Justice Known,
And Paid For Follies Not His Own.

O For His Sake Our Guilt Forgive,
And Let The Mourning Sinner Live;
The Lord Will Hear Us In His Name,
Nor Shall Our Hope Be Turned To Shame.

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