Song   Dust On The Altar (Let Us Go Back)
Album Pentecostal And Apostolic Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Dust On The Altar (Let Us Go Back)
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Let Us Go Back Awhile, To When I Was A Child,
Oh, How Well I Remember The Times.
Those Old Saints Would Pray, Till The Breaking Of Day
And Not One Soul Seemed To Mind.
And The Spirit Would Pull, Till The Altars Were Full,
That’s How It Was In The Past.
But What Once Meant So Much, Is Now Covered In Dust,
And The Times Prompt Me To Ask.

Does Anyone Pray Anymore?
Do We Really Care For The Lost?
There’s No Need Denying, Our Children Are Dying,
When Just Out Of Reach Stands The Cross.
And We Think We’re OK, And That We’ve Got It Made.
I’m Afraid We’ve Got It All Wrong.
There’s A Need In Our Day, For A People To Pray,
Until The Dust On The Altar Is Gone.

We’ve Learned To Cover It Well, With The Stories We Tell,
How We’re In Revival Again.
But When I Try To Imagine, Still I Cannot Fathom,
All The Souls Dying In Sin.
And This Question Still Burns, Are We Really Concerned,
Or Have We Grown Tired Of The Fight.
We May Fool A Few By Avoiding The Truth,
But The Dust On The Altar Can’t Lie.

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