Song El Shaddai El Shaddai
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 1
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) John W. Thompson, Michael Card
Publisher / Copyrights 1981, 1982 Mole End Music
Tags El Shaddai, El Shaddai El Shaddai
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No 26856

El Shaddai El Shaddai
El Elyonna Adonai
Age To Age You’re Still The Same
By The Power Of The Name

El Shaddai El Shaddai
Erkamkana Adonai
We Will Praise And Lift You High
El Shaddai

Through Your Love And Through The Ram
You Saved The Son Of Abraham
Through The Power Of Your Hand
You Turned The Sea Into Dry Land

To The Outcast On Her Knees
You Were The God Who Really Sees
And By Your Might
You Set Your Children Free

Through The Years You Made It Clear
That The Time Of Christ Was Near
Though The People Couldn’t See
What Messiah Ought To Be

Though Your Word Contained The Plan
They Just Could Not Understand
Your Most Awesome Work Was Done
In The Frailty Of Your Son

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