Song   Ever Forward! Up And Onward
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter E
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Elisha Hoffman
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Ever Forward! Up And Onward
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Men Of Faith And Men Of Courage,
Waiting Orders From The Lord,
Here’s A Telegram From Heaven!
“Onward! Forward!” Is The Word;
Get You Ready For The Battle,
Press Into The Hottest Fray,
“Onward! Forward!” Be The Watchword
All Along The Lines Today.

“Ever Forward, Up And Onward!”
Men, Lift Up Your Hearts And Pray,
Trust In God And Press The Battle,
Victory Will Be Ours Today.

“Ever Forward! Up And Onward,”
Our Jehovah Bids Us Go;
“Onward! Forward! Ever Onward!”
Every Heart With Faith Aglow;
Nerveless Sycophants May Cower,
We Will Bold, Unfearing Be,
For Jehovah’s Pledge Assures Us
Ours Will Be The Victory.

Strike For Right And Strike For Justice,
Strike For Home And Native Land!
Strike For God And For His Kingdom
With A Firm And Fearless Hand!
Dare To Front The Evil Legions
That Would Fill Us With Affright,
For The Lord Who Reigns In Heaven
Will Be With Us In The Fight.

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