Song Far Away The Noise Of Strife
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Far Away The Noise Of Strife
Theme(s) Stand
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Far Away The Noise Of Strife Upon My Ear Is Falling,
Then I Know The Sins Of Earth Beset On Every Hand;
Doubt And Fear And Things Of Earth In Vain To Me Are Calling,
None Of These Shall Move Me From Beulah Land.

I Am Living On The Mountain,
Underneath A Cloudless Sky,
I Am Drinking At The Fountain That
Never Shall Run Dry,
Oh, Yes! I Am Feasting On The Manna
From A Bountiful Supply,
For I Am Dwelling In Beulah Land.

Far Below The Storm Of Doubt Upon The World Is Beating,
Sons Of Men In Battle Long The Enemy Withstand;
Safe Am I Within The Castle Of God’s Word Retreating,
Nothing Then Can Reach Me, „This Beulah Land.

Let The Stormy Breezes Blow, Their Cry Cannot Alarm Me,
I Am Safely Sheltered Here Protected By God’s Hand;
Here The Sun Is Always Shining, Here There’s Naught Can Harm Me,
I Am Safe For Ever In Beulah Land.

Viewing Here The Works Of God, I Sink In Contemplation,
Hearing Now His Blessed Voice, I See The Way Is Planned;
Dwelling In The Spirit, Here I Learn Of Full Salvation,
Gladly Will I Tarry In Beulah Land

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