Song Father Forgive Them
Album With Joyful Lips – H
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Father Forgive Them
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Father, Forgive Them.
They Know Not What They Do.
Father, Forgive Us.
We Know Not What We Do.

They See Me Lying In The Street
And Never Lend A Hand
The Night Goes By While They’re Asleep,
Yet I’m Still In The Sand;
And I Cry Each Night For Their Blinded Eyes,
That Never, Never Seem To See.

They Call Me Friend When They’re In Need,
I Know It’s All A Sham,
For When My Sufferings Make Me Weep,
They Simply Wash Their Hands,
And I’m Left Alone In Despair To Moan;
They’ll Never, Never Understand.

We Crucified Your Son In Shame,
His Message We Ignored;
Though Time Has Passed, We’re Still The Same,
Indifferent As Before;
And He Dies Each Day In Our Hearts Of Clay;
O Father, Teach Us How To Love.

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