Song Feed Us Now Feed Us Now
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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The People Came To Hear You,
The Poor, The Lame, The Blind;
They Asked For Food To Save Them,
And You Fed Them Body And Mind.

Feed Us Now, O Son Of God,
As You Fed Them Long Ago.

The Ones Who Didn’t Listen,
The Rich, The Safe, The Sure,
They Didn’t Think They Needed
The Offering Of A Cure.

Feed Us Now …

It’s Hard For Us To Listen,
Things Haven’t Changed At All;
We’ve Got The Things We Wanted,
We Don’t Want To Hear Your Call.

Feed Us Now …

Yet Millions Still Have Hunger,
Disease, No Homes And Fear;
We Offer Them So Little,
And It Costs Them Very Dear.

Feed Us Now …

So Help Us See The Writing
Written Clear Upon The Wall:
He Who Doesn’t Feed His Neighbour
Will Get No Food At All.

Feed Us Now …
Feed Us Now …

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